Trust Your Wedding Photographer With 5 Things

December 2, 2020

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I get it – trust in a relationship is hard! But it’s also vitally essential, and this is no exception in the relationship with your wedding photographer! You chose your photographer because you loved their style and ability to capture beautiful pictures, and you need to have faith that they’ll do just that. Trusting your photographer in five main areas will not only result in better images from your big day, but also in a happier, less stressed-out you! 

As a professional wedding photographer in DC, I’ve had to navigate a lot of things:

Road closures, protests, location permits, and of course the throng of tourists during the spring Cherry Blossom season at the Tidal Basin. Here’s the top 5 things that a professional photographer will be able to bring to the table!


  1. Location 

Your photographer will take the time to familiarize themselves with your ceremony and reception location, and their practiced eye will see which spots have the best light and scenery. They can picture in their mind’s eye how a background will look in a picture, so they do know what they are doing in picking out a location; let them choose what they know will be best. 


  1. Time of day  

As any photographer knows, lighting is always key! The natural light of the sun will produce the best light setting, but that doesn’t mean that any time of day will give you the same results. Photos taken at 10am will look very different from those taken at 12pm, which will look quite different from those taken at 5pm. Your photographer will know the best time of day to take those gorgeous outdoor shots that won’t leave harsh shadows on your face. You should go over an hour-by-hour plan together, working backwards from sunset to ensure you won’t be rushed during any portrait time. 


  1. Poses 

This is where trust really comes into play. Obviously if you have a preferred side of your face or an angle you like, let your photographer know so they can use that information. But remember that they know how to position you using all of the natural lighting and the background to their advantage, to make you look like a princess! Since you and your photographer are working with limited time and light, don’t be offended if they don’t take your suggestions – they want you to look stunning in your pictures just as much as you do!


  1. Editing 

Editing is where the photographer gets to use all of their creative powers, and where they can showcase the style and the look that you hired them for in the first place. So remember, they know which pictures will look best in black and white, in color, cropped, or with special effects added. Trust them in their moment to shine! 


  1. Printing 

Once your beautiful wedding moments have been captured and edited, the worst thing you can do is to get them printed yourself, only to find that the colors are off, or dull, or that the image is blurry. Your photographer probably already has a good working relationship with a reputable printer that will deliver stunning portrait pictures you’d be proud to hang in your home. Knowing where to get your prints made, and all the details that entails, are part of the package when hiring a photographer. Trust their recommendations in this. And if you have any questions, just ask! Photographers take pride in seeing their work printed and displayed, and will help you in any way they can!


Before you book your photographer, do read this.

Check this FAQ list of the most important questions that you must ask your wedding photographer.

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