3 Benefits of a Second Photographer 

December 2, 2020

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It’s a no-brainer that you’re going to hire a photographer to capture all of your special moments on your wedding day — otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this! But few brides consider the option of a second photographer to help the primary photographer. It may seem like an unnecessary second person, but I’m here to tell you that not only does it make my job immensely easier as a primary DC wedding photographer, it provides a more satisfactory experience for you. Yes, if you hire a second photographer it does raise the cost. But interestingly enough, according to a survey The Knot did on couples’ biggest wedding regrets, one of them was not spending more of their wedding budget on photography. Let me explain why having a second person to help your primary photographer is such a great idea that’s worth the extra investment: 


  1. Two sets of eyes are better than one

Having two photographers means that you’ll have another perspective of the day. Think of all the special moments that are going to happen. When you’re walking down the aisle, I’ll be there to capture it. But what if there is a second photographer to capture your groom’s expression the moment he sees you appear?  Or when you and your dad are starting the Father/ Daughter dance; all are eyes on you. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a second person to capture your mom crying with pride and joy as she watches her little girl? Two photographers means that all those priceless seconds you didn’t get to observe yourself will be there later for you to look at, and you’ll be able to experience another side of your wedding day. 


  1. Two photographers will save valuable time 

If there’s a second photographer to help, portraits and family pictures will take half the time, as you’ll be able to cover two angles at once. This is important because you are working with limited light – the best natural lighting only lasts for so long, and you want to get as many good pictures as you can while you have it! Also, when you are taking family photographs you’ve got great-grandparents and young nieces and nephews who might all find it challenging to stand still for long, and having a second photographer to help capture all the shots means they can sit down or run and play much sooner! 


Conversely, the second photographer can always go shoot the other side of the party. While I’m taking pictures of the bride and the bridesmaids as they prepare in the hotel suite, the second photographer can go capture the groom’s side of the preparations. Or while I’m shooting all those creative bride and groom portraits, they can capture the guests as they mingle during cocktail hour. 


  1. A second photographer is insurance 

If the unthinkable happens and I’m not able to make it to the wedding, you’ll know there is still a competent and skilled photographer on the way! All of the photographers I work with on a consistent basis are skilled and amazing people, who have a similar style to me and are equally trustworthy. So whoever I’m bringing along as my second photographer, you can rest assured that they will be able to capture equally incredible pictures. Obviously we hope that all goes according to plan and I am your main photographer there, but it’s always better to be prepared–and I am 100% confident that you will always be covered. 


What questions do you have about a second photographer that I can answer?

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